General info


Office opening hours are daily 12.00-17.00 (Mon-Fri)

Busiest time is after 16.00 so if you are coming to get your passport photos or filling up your driving license application, please come earlier! Best time for meeting/calling the secretary is at 12.00-15.00

Driving license application

  1. Bring all necessary documents to secretary personally!
  2. Passport photos (2) , E-passport photos are valid for 5 years. Also we are offering passport photo service with 10€
  3. You need to identify yourself with a passport or Finnish ID-card
  4. Company Ajovarma Oy takes 35€ to process your driving license application. Bring 35€ (exact change) with you same time you are bringing other documents. We deliver your application to Ajovarma Oy. You don´t have to go there at all!

If you have some of these diseases, you also need a doctor certification for the driving license permission. You can find them here.

If you have a valid passport or ID-card and you have given your e-signature at police station, you can do your application directly from web. More info here!

Theory test

When you have done all your theory lessons and your application for the driving license in approved, you can book a theory test. You can book it from site or you can call them. If you need help with booking, we are happy to help you! If you are under 18 years old, you can book the exam one month before your 18 y birthday. Remember to do your application for the driving license enough early!

At Ajovarma you need:

  • Certification of the course “Basics of the traffic” (You will get this after first course payment from secretary)
  • E100 Certification
  • ID (Passport of Finnish ID-card)
  • Exam fee 35€ (cash or credit)

After the passed test, give the certification to your own driving teacher!

Passed test is valid for one year. In that time you have to pass the driving exam.

Driving license permission is valid for 2-3 years.

Driving lessons and driving test

You can have your first driving lessons after you have paid at least 300€. One lesson is 50min and it is including feedback time. Normally you are booking your driving lessons with your own teacher. Also cancellations are good to do directly with your own teacher.

Remember to cancel your lesson that you can´t do one day before 12.00. That way your teacher is getting another student instead of you. Monday´s cancellations should be done at Friday before 12.00.

If you are not sure when you driving lesson is, you can check it from your own WEBAUTO account or you can also call us!

If you are getting sick, be ready to show doctor document about your sickness.

Driving school car at your first driving test is free of charge. Following tests we are charging 100€ / test for the car rental.

You can find contacts to our personnel over here!

Night driving

You are having your night driving education at Risk management-course. We are using a computer- driving-simulator for this. If you don´t know well Finnish, English or Swedish it is recommendable to take translator with you to do this. Simulator is in our office at Eerikinkatu 4, Turku City center. You can book the night driving directly from your own teacher or secretary.