Teaching permit (”hometeaching”)

This infopage is for the customers who are doing their driving studies with a Teaching Permit

We at Smart Driver Driving school are offering you our excellent services for obligatory parts of driving license education

If you already have a drivers license (Got it before 1.7.2018) but you haven´t done Practice and Advantage Stages ? During the new law you are doing only the Risk Management course to get a long lasting driving permit! You have to do this part of driving education in 2 years after the date you passed your driving test. Don´t forget to do this!

Packages for Teaching permit Students

A. Basics of the traffic

Basics of the traffic-course includes four theory lessons and it is also obligatory for everyone who are having their first driver´s license in Finland.

You can have all the lessons in two evenings in our classroom at Turku City center, Eerikinkatu 4. See the timetable over here and sign in!

It is also possible to do these lessons at virtual classroom. Then you have more flexible timetables! You will get more information after signing in.

B. Risk management course

Before driving test you are also doing this course. It is also obligatory for teaching permit students. You can join this course after you have driven at least 10 h with you teaching permit teacher.

At Risk Management course student is practicing driving in difficult conditions (Paimio Traffic safety center)

and also doing 2h drive with a professional teacher with driving school car. (1h city driving and 1h highway driving). Night driving education should be done also at this part.

To see more information about Risk Management-course and our packages for this course, Click here!

C. We are happy to offer you also customized lessons for your needs.

For example a driving lesson before a driving test to get a neutral feedback about students skills.

Example about costs of a Teaching permit:

Teacher brake pedal and installation (obligatory)  300€
Teacher pedal removing 50€
Costs of teaching Permit 30€ (Ajovarma Oy)
Driving education obligatory parts in driving school, starting from 349€
Fuel x €
Permission for the driving license 35€
Exam fees, starting from 125€
Studying material   x €
Usually Students with Teaching Permit are driving about  30-100h